Partial Dentures

The technique in which denture is used while the jaw still has some remaining part of natural teeth in it is termed as Partial denture. It is sometimes also referred to as plate. At the best partial denture clinic Preston, you can get desired services to resolve the dental issues. The partial dentures that you receive at denture clinic Preston are helpful in maintaining the natural teeth that are remaining and therefore it serves to be vital. The eating and appearance are also enhanced by partial dentures. The remaining gums and natural teeth support these dentures.

Whether you are in search of full denture clinic Preston or partial denture clinic Preston, the best and most reliable option available to you is Impression Dental Studio. Varied types of partial dentures are offered by us such as:

Acrylic Partial denture:

In this type of denture, a base plate of acrylic material is used on which the denture teeth are attached. The denture is kept at place with the help of metal clasps that serves the job of holding it around other teeth. This is an affordable option that you can get at denture clinic Preston for solving the dental issues.
Acrylic Partial dentures

Metal partial denture:

At partial denture clinic Preston, metal partial denture is designed with Cobalt chrome framework and casted to provide accurate fit. It serves to be enormously strong and highly stable option in terms of dentures.

Flexible partial denture:

For the removable flexible partial dentures, a versatile material is used known as thermo-plastics. This is used on account of the flexibility and strength that it offers. It also offers natural looks and is highly aesthetic as well. As compared to flexible dentures, the cost of cobalt chrome dentures is more. On the other hand, the flexible dentures are costly compared to the acrylic dentures.
At the partial denture clinic Preston, you can find the desired services to get rid of dental problems and get that great smile back with the help of partial or full dentures depending on the needs.

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