Immediate Dentures


To avoid the situation of being without teeth, your Dental Prosthetist can implement the Immediate Denture process.

This involves taking impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present. The Prosthetist is then able to create a copy and construct a denture, duplicating you original teeth or if you wish, may construct a denture that may compliment your appearance.

When your natural teeth are extracted, the Dentist then inserts your immediate denture. This allows you to go through the healing process without having to go without teeth. After the healing period there are further options available to ensure a comfortable and exact fit.

Not all teeth can be saved. Immediate dentures save the social discomfort of being without teeth. These dentures are often referred to as temporary or treatment dentures.

When natural teeth are removed, bone goes through significant change. Due to this, immediate denture treatment will involve ongoing care over a period of months while the body adapts to the loss. During this stage, patients are triaged using temporary linings or relining to relieve discomfort and aid fit and function.

Once healing has taken placed, a permanent reline is performed on the immediate denture or a final denture is often constructed.

How it is achieved and what is involved

  • Construction of immediate denture. Impressions and jaw measurements along with intraoral photography are taken before your teeth are removed
  • Extraction of teeth by your dentist. They will also place your new denture in.
  • Check visit with Prosthetist 3-5 days later.
  • Temporary linings or tissue conditions as required through healing period

3- 6 months after extractions

  • Immediate denture are relined or final denture are constructed to make up for changes in the gum.

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